Clear Quartz Crystals

attract positive energy & heal


soothe the spirit & calm the soul

Metal Collection

modern sterling silver & brass

Labradorite Collection

the stone of transformation

Onyx Collection

the stone of protection

Yen Chee designs are a modern and sophisticated collection of hand-crafted jewelry. Comprised of high-quality materials like sterling silver, 14k gold-fill, 14k gold, quartz, onyx, and other high-vibrational stones, these contemporary works of art are distinct in design and embody the spiritual essence of beauty and harmony. We believe in providing quality jewelry that won't break the bank, and will become permanent pieces in your jewelry collection for many years to come. All the jewelry is created in small batches by Yen in her jewelry studio in Minneapolis, MN, and infused with love and the most positive intentions. 


I've worn Yen's jewelry practically every day for years. Yen Chee Design has become part of my daily "uniforms"-whether I'm wearing sweatpants or meeting up for work, or attending a fancier event, Yen's versatile designs really do flatter for every occasion."


Beautiful, unique jewelry that is well made. Yen is so passionate about her work and she is so friendly to work with!"


Modern jewelry that is made with quality materials. I love knowing my pieces will last for many years to come!"


I have been wearing Yen's jewelry for many years, and always get so many compliments. If you want a big confidence boost, I highly recommend. Plus, her designs are modern and timeless."