Jewelry is such a powerful avenue of self expression. My goal is to create pieces that speak to you on a deeper level-jewelry you love to wear, that makes you feel amazing: confident, self-assured, and ready to show up as the best version of YOU. I create jewelry using only the highest quality materials, high vibrational stones, and unique modern designs. My jewelry is intended to guide women on their journey towards finding balance and harmony in their everyday lives. With the power of healing stones in concert with simple and elegant designs, my hope is for your authentic beauty to shine both inside and out. 

The women who gravitate towards my creations are the ones for whom this quote typically resonates:

"I am confident because I can admit who I am, what I've done, and love myself for who I've become." -Anonymous

My name is Yen, and I'm the creator behind Yen Chee Design. I have been drawn to jewelry for as long as I can remember. Being the daughter of a renowned watercolor artist, I've always been fortunate to have art be a central theme throughout my life. As a young child, I was mesmerized while peering into the glass displays of jewelry at museums, as well as being witness to the messy behind-the-scenes work of a metalsmith in Malaysia.  I'll never forget how elated I was to see my mother's custom jade and diamond ring come to life. I started learning the fundamentals of metalsmithing after college, intending to do it for fun, by creating special one-of-a-kind pieces for myself. It wasn't until friends nudged me to design custom pieces for them, that I realized I could make a career of it. After nearly a decade working as an interior designer at various architecture firms, I decided to follow my true passion of designing jewelry full-time. Modern architecture, furnishings, lighting and accessories, to the beauty Mother Nature provides, all inspire my design aesthetics.

Now after more than a decade of being a full-time jewelry designer, wife, and mommy to two children, I'm blessed to do what I love while working from my studio in Minneapolis, MN. My studio is adjacent to my husband's architecture and watercolor art studio. We are open by appointment only, so reach out if you'd like to shop in-person.

Since the start of my business, I've always felt the importance of contributing to our community. Yen Chee Design has donated to support local causes dear to my heart: schools, homeless shelters, art programs for children, cancer research, etc. Our mission is to create jewelry that makes you feel empowered and beautiful, while giving back to the cherished community that has provided so much support along the way. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll continue to follow along on this journey. Come join us on Instagram and Facebook.