From Here Podcast with Jeffry Lusiak- Season 1 Episode 3: Taking the Leap

I had so much fun recording for a new podcast called From Here that my friend Jeffry Lusiak started. In Season 1: Conversations with Artists and Entrepreneurs about the Creative Hustle, Jeffry and I sit down to chat about various aspects of being an entrepreneuer.  Jeffry himself branched out to start his own business as a coach and facilitator nearly two years ago, and through this he has learned one very important thing: "We can't do it all on our own. There is a beautiful and vibrant community all around us. We are artists, restaurateurs, small business owners, performers, dog walkers, chefs, and jewelry designers. And we are everywhere. So let’s share stories and learn from each other, because while your creative field may look different than mine, ultimately we’re all doing the same thing: figuring out a way to pay the bills, stay inspired, and keep it all together.  So let’s talk about it. Each week I do just that. I bring you a snippet of a larger conversation with a fellow entrepreneur trying to make things work. This season, we focus on drive, determination, and how to keep pressing on even when things get tough." (excerpt from   


Jeffry is forging a community of entrepreneurs and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and camaraderie that we shared in this interview. During this episode, we discuss what drives me as an entrepreneur, what lessons I've learned from my parents, and the struggle to give ourselves permission to be bold. To check out the podcast, you'll find it here, and if you enjoy it please subscribe to Jeffry's thoughtful and entertaining podcasts.

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